Ordinary Magnificence


In this moment … Will

Of this moment … Union
Delivering this moment … Mother Earth
Child of this moment … New you
What is this moment?.. Magnificent
Where is this moment?.. y axis
Where is matter as time?.. x axis
Where is Man?.. xy engendered coordinates
Where is God?.. In Be Still
the Holy xy Intersection
The centre of the crossroads
Where The God, the moment,
time and Man meet
in being, your Human ordination.


Addendum from the future 25/12/17

It is not so important to intellectually analyse the date of Christmas, the taking over of cultural anniversaries of bygone days by the rulers of the simply gone days.

What may be important is a sense of co-ordination, a sense of learning the facts of life from a place of mastering and marrying simple material necessities that carry a mystical potential of a singular significance for you.

Living contemporary teachers appear at precisely the time that is possible for them to appear, their only difficulty always is the reluctance of people to let go of their other temporary teachers.


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