Pandemic of stuck-addiction©

Mentally ill are ‘dying needlessly’

and are an indicator of the wider pandemic that I have termed stuck-addiction©


This pandemic is global and describes and connects a human dilemma that unfolds daily across national news reports from around the world. I will explain from where the flow chart above derives and how it helps clarify the disease of stuck-addiction© in subsequent posts.

There have always been the mental illnesses that seem to be free standing and as definable as any other more physical disease. There are also mental disorders that are linked in a secondary or tertiary manner to the primary disease of addiction.

The situation is confused by the fact that in their five year training course, doctors in the UK spend only a matter of a few weeks learning about addiction that is described, as a reversal of the real situation, as a secondary or tertiary symptom of a range of other mental illnesses – so, on the ground there is a knotty and vicious circle.

See this book to understand addiction and the current medical model.

Obesity is now a global indicator on the spectrum of stuck-addiction© as is gambling, this link gives an insight into the global situation concerning sex addiction, in the UK and US 70% of prisoners in jail are there through crimes relating to drugs and alcohol and 11% of prisoners in the UK are in jail because of sexually motivated crime.

The statistics go on and on. The financial crash of 2008 is almost entirely an indicator for stuck-addiction©, so much so that the language of the post crash period by bankers has been entirely made up of addiction rehab words like, hope, confidence, trust, faith, belief, inspiration and truth – yet the sickness that they are in to highlight the breakage of such words, addiction, is totally denied.

In later blogs I will try to make more clear the correlation between individual and collective addiction as the disease is commonly understood medically, how religious and political terrorism fits into the diagnosis and just why the term stuck-addiction© is more easily understandable to describe the mass pandemic that both threatens to destroy mankind and yet is also the portal of hope for a new era.

see Pandemic of stuck-addiction© 2

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