Predictions – World War 3 and Battle of Armageddon

The are some elements of accuracy in these observations …. as the Governments of the seen and unseen realm are brought together directly with increasing frequency, members of the material governments will be offered help by servants of the unseen government.

In the past, the dervish could walk into the Sultan’s court without fear, directly accessing the material governance to offer check and balance. The Sultan and the dervish had respect for each other, both understanding their rôle.

Today, the links are more tenuous, even though the Spiritual governs the material everywhere, whatever the appearance. (Link added 03/11/20)

The SSRF predictions have elements of useful co-ordination, whatever the outer conditions actually reflect depends upon critical masses of individual effort across communities as inevitable change impacts. More important though are the actions of material governments and how open they are to private counsel with spiritual emissaries.

Those that bay for the Spiritual emissary to go public should look to their history as to just what happened to the fabric of the culture where that has happened previously. It is always a last resort after the avenues of support to legitimate material governance are exhausted or irrevocably blocked.

For those that may scoff at the predictions of the Indian website, then it may be sobering to reflect upon the vision of Carl Jung here recounted.

I am optimistic that at this time, the inevitable changes can be worked through without the dire warnings of the linked site fully manifesting. We can all simply, do our best.

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