The One and the many


Faith and belief are not the same,
Faith is One
Beliefs are many,
Faith is Love
Beliefs are
…. powered by “be” lief
Where “lief”

One “be”, many beloveds.

Aware, you can beware of
Storm and pitfalls.
Conscious of oneself ….
of one another,
Aware of oneself
As another “no other”, when
There is no other
Without your mother,
…. brother.

Father, sister,
The standing order ….
The Sist,
Consisting of the order “Be”,
Resulting in the …. “all there is -ing”

I am
who am.

2 thoughts on “The One and the many

  1. From a heart that deeply cares, life is deeply experienced. Taken root is an understanding, that what looks like many, is actually one. A silent acknowledgment of the connectedness existing within, without, above and below, erases the illusion we are separate from anything. And it is from this… that what you give, changes.

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