Seeds of Faith


One Faith
So many seeds, colours and creeds
Shiny egos, arguing about
Their beautiful shells
Bells of alarm
Bells of tranquillity

Affinities with trees
Of knowledge
Can reach deep within
Even though forbidden fruit
The genii and the bottle
Gone, long,
For a more reasonable solution.

Love alone turns seed to tree.

1 thought on “Seeds of Faith

  1. What we learn from places of worship, follows us wherever we go. Important it is…what we teach. Religion is often times limited in its thinking. And as a consequence of limited thinking, used as a vehicle of limited teaching.
    Those in a position to teach, should be talking about what real love is, and is not, and the importance of knowing the difference. Breaking it down to where it is understood… over and over again.
    Where we go to teach, learn or contemplate the virtues,( a mosque, church, temple, cathedral, monastery or synagog ) isn’t important. What’s practiced, learned and taught there is.
    Have we forgotten the reason for these times of inner work, and that what is taken away with us, is what we will give to others. The foundation of organized religion is love; not for a chosen few, but for all.
    There is unity rather than division, when we understand, everyone is following their heart, as to what religion or path they take to God, Allah, Divinity / liberation. Responsibility leans upon all who take the position of teacher.
    Our attention should focus much more closely on the work we need to do in our own heart, and in turn teach, that living a more virtuous life brings inner peace, and a sense of well being, which in turn touches all those we come in contact with. Surely, if God is love, then it is safe to say, the only way that leads to Him is love…unconditional.
    The state of the world is a reflection of us…not them. Us as a whole, and what each of us brings to it. Coming together with one mind and one heart is the realization…we all matter. And through our thoughts, words and deeds, we show it.

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