The world thinks me stupid to waste my energy on the invisible unprovable promise of prophetic line, so what?
The world says flaunt yourself to make an impact to maximise profit, to sell, sell, sell your way to hell: so what?
Am I sorry? Sorry not to have sold my intelligence quotient of 164 for the pile of gold it could have bought, absolutely not, so what?
I have made mistakes and I approach my destiny free from worry. The mark of sanity is to be able to stop. I don’t have to make a fool of myself trying to fit any more into the impossible expectations of deniers or expecters, so what?

Now ….

Back to the future of 22/12/17 …. addendum

As the events unfold, my idiocy seems less idiotic, as the crisis deepens, my foolishness stands clear.

To make a mistake is necessary to learn anything.

To commit an offence is sometimes unavoidable in law and within the changeability of cultural dynamics.

To keep doing the same thing expecting a different result, is insane according to Einstein.

To imagine that you are actually in Humankind, when in fact you are still in Mankind, is to imagine that one word is exactly the same as another.