Good, better, best.

“Why do you call me good. Only God is good”

The words above are attributed to Isa, to The Christ Jesus in The New Testament. If they are taken to heart, it does not mean necessarily that one should stop trying to be good, or to stop trying to do good works or to seeking betterment. It may mean that one should stop being too attached to expectations of oneself and others that rely too much upon a personal analysis and comparison that unwittingly freezes the existential virtue and vice pendulum swing of mankind.

To become stuck in a limited definition of virtue is a more difficult sickness to treat than is the sickness of becoming stuck in vice. This is why The Christ Jesus spent so much time with the prostitutes, the drunks, tax-collectors and other outcasts of that era. The sickness of being stuck in apparent vice carries a potentially lesser denial of a Common Source for mankind and is thus more easily treatable, than is the case for those stuck unwittingly in their own qualification of virtue.

In living the above quote, it means that this day is the better day of any life, this moment sought out as the best moment of any day.

This is so, because as a relationship with the word “good” becomes and enters into a remission, so does the relationship with the comparative and superlative forms of that word also become transformed, thus a being is released from any punitive applications of better and best.

In letting only God be good and remaining God conscious, then being better and seeking the best occurs naturally. Cleave to One loving Creator and that which is no longer useful is naturally cut and split away, cleaved.



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