The Requisition

God has a storehouse.
The storehouse is run by a storekeeper.
To access goods from the storehouse
The storekeeper looks for a prerequisite,
The requisition.

You are that,
You are that requisition, that requirement,
Without which
God’s storehouse remains

Everything, every product
That this storehouse provides is
Whatever you have experienced as being exquisite
Perhaps unwittingly,
Accessed from this storehouse.

So, what is the process that might bring you
More regularly to this storehouse?
What prerequired inquisition might release the password
That unlocks access to this once fleeting,
now permanent, “exquisition”?

You must present yourself at the hatch-way
Of your own experience of the exquisite,
And ask for an enquiry form.
It’s why you asked
To be hatched
In the first place.

If you don’t believe that God has a storehouse

The exquisite hatch-way

Remains consciously closed

To you.

Although, of course, it is clear that Mercy
Grants us occasional
Unwitting, unconscious access.
Else, where would we start to make
Our storehouse