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This blog begins anew
The publishing of my heart
The lightning of my lightening load
The thunder of my God’s sneeze
Across the shaken dust
Of our mortal immortality


There are 66 posts.

The blog grew organically as a spontaneous collaboration between the visible and the Invisible and as such can be read from the first post through to the sixty sixth as one might embark upon a brisk walk. There are links to be pondered afterward if the material has sparked any interaction.

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We can remember the warning from Jacob Boehme: “Boehme has a note before one of his books in which he asks the reader not to go further and read the book unless he is willing to make practical changes as a result of the reading. Otherwise, Boehme says, the book will be bad for him….” From the Forward of a book A Little Book On The Human Shadow by Robert Bly.

Star Gate


(at the Rumi Festival 2013, Beshara)

One becomes Two,
The Throne of reunion
opens a portal
A star-gate serving mankind
Reproducing Creation
as Three dimensional,
ordinary Love
a Fourness of yin and yang;
Offspring onspringing
joy into Heart, my darling Sa’ida,
life is returning ….

Ordinary Magnificence


In this moment … Will

Of this moment … Union
Delivering this moment … Mother Earth
Child of this moment … New you
What is this moment?.. Magnificent
Where is this moment?.. y axis
Where is matter as time?.. x axis
Where is Man?.. xy engendered coordinates
Where is God?.. In Be Still
the Holy xy Intersection
The centre of the crossroads
Where The God, the moment,
time and Man meet
in being, your Human ordination.


Addendum from the future 25/12/17

It is not so important to intellectually analyse the date of Christmas, the taking over of cultural anniversaries of bygone days by the rulers of the simply gone days.

What may be important is a sense of co-ordination, a sense of learning the facts of life from a place of mastering and marrying simple material necessities that carry a mystical potential of a singular significance for you.

Living contemporary teachers appear at precisely the time that is possible for them to appear, their only difficulty always is the reluctance of people to let go of their other temporary teachers.


The Sufi Map of the Self

I just finished The Sufi Map of the Self by Haeri, Shaykh Fadhlalla on Kindle for Android! http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindleforandroid/

This book is just magnificent …. I managed to complete the assignments, they have helped me to remember that whether adept our beginner, the Way is given and has to be received as a gift. The Way is Love, it is practical, travel it.

There’s no you in American behavior

The yellow slash and the yellow barriers around the ‘I’ on the above indicate the disease of stuck-addiction, the Cinderella separation of the ‘Be’, the dislocation of the ‘now’ of the Diction Chamber shown in the concluding diagram.

Be-hav(e)-i- >>>> our©

The 4, 3, 2, 1 of behaviour change
1 – is our, the collective
2 – the person, ego portal, i
expanding and contracting
3 – is mental/time axis of inner space, hav(e)
4 – (1+3) is the now Singularity, be*

Three parts inside, one outside
Nine tenths hidden
One tenth seen
All matter like an iceberg

Behaviour change is from the inner ‘be’ >>>>
Flowing out >>>>
Constant change >>>>
Kun faya kun, “Be”, and it is.

||Be||hav(e)i <<< our
That is told to change from the ‘outside in’
Is not permanent
A revolving door of command
Lost in have’s maze
A hoopla parody
Whacked with the stick of money
The BE closed down
Overgrown castle of our Sleeping Beauty.

Then Life sends a Majesty
A sublimity
A mighty Word
A drawn again Excalibur
Exposing the labyrinth of the lost
haves and have nots,
Jailers and jailed.
Pieces are returned to
All praise belongs to The One

Be well
Be healed
Be loved
Be sure
Be happy

The missing u …. waw
To Love’s behaviour

*Mandukya Upanishad
The Mandukya Upanishad reveals the mystery of manifest existence through the word AUM, which embodies the three principles represented by the three letters, and is beyond time and space, with the fourth principle indicating the surrounding silence of the unmanifest.

Merry Christmas and a Happily Behaved New Year


The Requisition

God has a storehouse.
The storehouse is run by a storekeeper.
To access goods from the storehouse
The storekeeper looks for a prerequisite,
The requisition.

You are that,
You are that requisition, that requirement,
Without which
God’s storehouse remains

Everything, every product
That this storehouse provides is
Whatever you have experienced as being exquisite
Perhaps unwittingly,
Accessed from this storehouse.

So, what is the process that might bring you
More regularly to this storehouse?
What prerequired inquisition might release the password
That unlocks access to this once fleeting,
now permanent, “exquisition”?

You must present yourself at the hatch-way
Of your own experience of the exquisite,
And ask for an enquiry form.
It’s why you asked
To be hatched
In the first place.

If you don’t believe that God has a storehouse

The exquisite hatch-way

Remains consciously closed

To you.

Although, of course, it is clear that Mercy
Grants us occasional
Unwitting, unconscious access.
Else, where would we start to make
Our storehouse


The Forty Rules of Love

I think you might like this book – “The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak.

Start reading it for free: https://amzn.eu/5QCX0uU

This book is a masterpiece, a translation across time and space of eternal transmission. Thank you Elif Shafak.