bare soul


Pump pump pump pump
Pump pump pump pump
Um um um um
Um um um um
Om mane padme om
Om mane padme om

∙ tenderheartmusings ∙

what can any of them possibly give me
when they all originated from you
tiny specks of your magnificence

what can I ask from those
who wander looking for answers themselves
amazed and puzzled by the mystery of it all

they might not hear me, and I might suffer
they might deny me what I ask, and I might grieve

what can I possibly say from my tiny mouth
to get your attention?
what can I possibly do with this withering body
to have your love by my side?

in your ethereal beauty and grace, lies the wisdom of the saints
in your silence, lies thousands of answers
when your one glance can change my world around
why would I desire anything from anyone else?

tonight, I offer my tender soul to you
let it lament endlessly and parch away
or make it resonate with your eternal frequency
in the…

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Watch “Amy Winehouse – Rehab” on YouTube

Any words could be put into her tragi-comic record …. she could be a banker ….

” …. tried to get me a pay cut, I said no, no, no”

…. she could be an obese person ….

” …. tried to get me on a diet, I said no, no, no”

…. she could be a politician ….

“…. tried to get me more truthful, I said no, no, no”

Denial is the song of our time, it is so prevalent over the thousands of years of history, it must serve a huge Darwinian purpose.

What purpose could that be in evolutionary language?

Do the biggest liars have an existential advantage?

Nigh on impossible to understand, the closer truth gets, nigh on there, the deeper the rejection, the night of separation seems nigh on endless, truth …. nigh on impossible.

The Forty Rules of Love

I think you might like this book – “The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak.

Start reading it for free:

This book is a masterpiece, a translation across time and space of eternal transmission. Thank you Elif Shafak.