Ordinary Magnificence


In this moment … Will

Of this moment … Union
Delivering this moment … Mother Earth
Child of this moment … New you
What is this moment?.. Magnificent
Where is this moment?.. y axis
Where is matter as time?.. x axis
Where is Man?.. xy engendered coordinates
Where is God?.. In Be Still
the Holy xy Intersection
The centre of the crossroads
Where The God, the moment,
time and Man meet
in being, your Human ordination.


Addendum from the future 25/12/17

It is not so important to intellectually analyse the date of Christmas, the taking over of cultural anniversaries of bygone days by the rulers of the simply gone days.

What may be important is a sense of co-ordination, a sense of learning the facts of life from a place of mastering and marrying simple material necessities that carry a mystical potential of a singular significance for you.

Living contemporary teachers appear at precisely the time that is possible for them to appear, their only difficulty always is the reluctance of people to let go of their other temporary teachers.


Transmission – the Bride and Bridegroom.


Conduct is, via a duct,
Energy that is transmitted;
Love is conducive to light
An aqueous conduction of true duco
To lead on the march
To marry a wife
To command

The Commander of the Faithful
is married to matter
as a Husband is to a Wife
Returning Hu’s band,
allowed, so perm and vary….
Events surface in service
as She instigates Their illumination

Density pretends to be grave
Gravity pretends to be important
Accusing lightness of shallowness,
Until a condensing of Dew
Restores due proportion
To any quasi seriousness
To any gravitas of self-importance

(Inspired by and dedicated to, my wife Sa’ida)

Diplomacy of Saul to Paul

Because my subjection is to Love alone
Academic subjects never captured me.
Objectivity requires objection,
The courtesy to be objectively able
withstands the objectionable, politely
Understanding the diplomacy of
Injection, rejection, abjection, ejection,
An object is an obstruct, a contradictory projection
A little dejection, only
Until such time as conjecture
Gives way to construction ….

when Love’s instruction is made an injection
That “gets under your skin
“Deep in the heart of you, to
“Sacrifice anything, come what may
“For the sake of having You near
“Despite the warning voice that repeats
and repeats in your ear”
(Thanks to Cole Porter)
To irritate the production of a pearl
True grit, covered not by you at all,
But by your Host’s hospitality, then

…. ‘you’re hardly here’, enthralls.


The world at my feet


There is premeditation everywhere, it is the planning function of thought that rehearses a hearse’s journey until the possibility of acting without failure appears, until the thought predominates, then dominates that “there is the possibility of getting away with it”, without dying on the stage that is the material world.

Premeditation is to meditation
What prediction is to diction
What presence is to Essence.

There is practice – of course, the inference that leads to a conference, a reference that melts the hard deference, the circumference of a concentration, a single joint centration, practical like any joint, flexible as a knee – that makes perfect.

How to move from premeditation to meditation? By means of a mediation, through engaging in mediation until your own “t” appears.

Getting stuck in premeditation blocks the joy of being.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”.

The Sufi Map of the Self

I just finished The Sufi Map of the Self by Haeri, Shaykh Fadhlalla on Kindle for Android! http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindleforandroid/

This book is just magnificent …. I managed to complete the assignments, they have helped me to remember that whether adept our beginner, the Way is given and has to be received as a gift. The Way is Love, it is practical, travel it.