Rumi Festival, Chisholme House 2013

Rumi Festival, Chisholme House 2013:

When real knowledge arrives it is new (ne-w), there is a hyphen (no-w), there is no double You, there is only you, now new.

Lovers say, ‘only you’, songs are written, the echo always returns truthfully.

I say to you all now, there’s only you, the echo returns to me instantly, New, try it, go on, say it to the Universe …. ‘only You’ …. listen to the instantaneous echo ….

God makes this world anew every instant and says to you, for you, there’s only you …. The ‘if not for you’ from the Qur’an.

The “w” is necessary for the mechanics of material creation, for the dilly dally of the lover and beloved, for the drama of the world show that is never boring, always wonderful.

If you feel that there is nothing new under the sun for you, then you are stuck.

This whole world is created just for you, only you.

Only …. just …. got here
…………………….. saw it
…………………….. managed it
…………………….. bought it
…………………….. realised for myself
Only You ….

When I truly say, “there’s only You”, to Love,
There’s only the ‘only me’ that disappears …
In the Echo

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The mastery of any field is arrived at by the exercising of power through experimentation. The Master of the Unified Field arrives similarly and practically despite theories that predict the existence or otherwise of the Unified Field.

Creation is perfect now.

To approach any existential appearance that seems problematic without the courtesy of extending perfection to the Singularity first, renders any such approach tainted.

Per facio, through doing or making, is the Latin rootage of perfect. “Every day God is about a business”, is resourced from Islam and describes a Universal doing that is creation. “If it’s not practical it’s not spiritual”, is resourced from the discourse of the 12 Step recovery texts of the Narcotics Anonymous programme.

So there is a deep redemptive practicality about prayer and meditation. Spiritual principles of creativity make the Universe appear from the 90% Unseen that mystics call The Beloved and physicists describe as Dark Matter.

Practical solutions to any visible problem are waiting to gush forth from the Invisible when the place has been fully prepared for their reception.

That preparation is essentially one of clarifying the actual problem.

The problem facing cultural leaders presently is one of diction, their words are broken. The repair of words is a job for The Word, The Logos.

When you’re ready then …. diction resolution.


Bemusing Inspiration

Beauty pierces
A word goes even deeper than the opening glance
nothing is ever the same
Love meets in the unseen first:

Musing, amusing,
The in and ex halation
Of a landing in my life,
The firing of my poet’s glass
Silvered as a mirror for her life.

©AJDettman 2013

The Forty Rules of Love

I think you might like this book – “The Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak.

Start reading it for free:

This book is a masterpiece, a translation across time and space of eternal transmission. Thank you Elif Shafak.