Letters let things happen ….


Imagine if the only reason that you are on this planet is to become Human.

What if you were born a boy baby or a girl baby, grew into a man or a woman and that then your sole work was to achieve the rank of being Human?

Would that ‘re-commissioning’ that ‘re-mission’ in your life change the way that you live and if so, what might convince you that that was in fact the true case?

When I worked in a prison rehab, trained as an addiction counsellor, dispensing treatment in a spiritually oriented recovery programme to recover men from criminalised addiction , virtually no inmate wanted to know anything about a loving God – no surprises there then!

Whenever I asked this captive client group, “who here has ever done an inhuman act?”, there was usually a complete and immediate admittance answering the question in the affirmative.

Then I would ask them to suspend their disbelieve around their old beardy God sitting up on a cloud, asking them to imagine that if they could have a God, just what qualities would their God be recognised as having.

On the white board usually the first God quality identified in the prison group was “forgiving”, followed closely by “generous”, along with a fairly predictable tally of merciful, loving, humorous, helpful, meaningful, powerful … and so on.
Then, given that the only way that they could accept that they had done inhuman things in the past was to in fact still have an inner calibrating scale of humanity, I asked them to define the term “The Human”.

The two lists were almost identical.

I then asked them what was the plural of the word “man”, and therefore, what was the plural also of the word “woman”?

What then, I would ask, is the plural of human?

After brief hesitations when it became clear that the “a” did not change in the pluralisation of the word human, and after “s” was accepted, it became clear that by far the most common way that this word “human” pluralised was through the word “beings”.

It then became easy to step the clients away from God on a cloud, toward The Human as a euphemism for God, that describes a Singular source code and a potential destination for mankind, that became clear with a deliberate “pause” in the spoken word.


The Human *pause* being you, meets The Human *pause* being me, to obtain experience, expression and development.