One Love

Fancy dress day at The Levellers Beautiful Days Festival 2013


A personal view based on my personal experiences.

One Love knowing Itself in two places of experience is Mankind’s lot. Orientation is simply a navigation.

Because for the Sufi, Love is all there actually is in the whole of existence, it seems to me that mankind in its dual gender manifestation can easily experience overwhelming feelings of disorientation.

Adultery was punished by death in past culture as was other interpersonal disorientation as people lost their ability to withstand inner urge from becoming outer actions.

Christ stopped such killing by asking who it was exactly that was without error themselves, as only they could execute the then law. He said, “let he who has no sin cast the first stone.”

He then said to the folks that had had their death sentence arrested that they should go and try not to miss the point of their life again, or not to sin again as it is sometimes translated.

He did not take the easier softer way and change the then law to try to make disorientation into orientation, he simply suggested that One Love understands the difficulty of the mortal template, a template that needs insulation around the vehicular inner cabling to prevent meltdown, and that any mortal disorientation always has a spiritual insulation remedy whatever the mental and physical interface may appear to insist.

So today, violent physical reaction to perceptions of the behaviour of others, when because of One Love there is no actual other, is never to be recommended and thanks eventually to the message of Christ, modern law correctly forbids all forms of antisocial physical violence in Great Britain, plus that which was illegal is no longer illegal as regards personal relationships and lifestyle choices.

That does mean that disorientation can ever pretend to be anything other than itself in mortal duality. However, The Christ Jesus did say that hypocrisy is the worst case scenario of all.

Disorientation can lose faith in One Love’s physical design, and forget that Christ did not advocate changing the basis of the template’s physical law, rather He changed the way it was to be prosecuted, from death into onward wrestling with an ever open portal for Love’s arbitration as both a humanising source code and a destination that can forgive anything and personally orientate anyone from being any kind of dualistic Man into being singularly Human.

My experience is that every expression of love is intrinsically perfect. The logic of the intellect is sometimes unable to understand love it seems, but One Source, where that Source is no other than love, understands the dualistic intellect as it performs its role.

So, my experience is not an advocacy for conversion therapy or reparative treatment in matters of specific sexual orientation or general sexual behaviour. My experience is simply stating that for me, change was possible within my understanding of myself within matters of orientation identity and expression and that therefore my personal experience has a perfect right of expression here that is accepting of being professionally boundaried to allow my role as a Counsellor to still comply with my full acceptance of the Ethical Framework of the BACP.

“In my weakness, is my strength”. Or, in my yin is my yang, to compare another culture.


About Andrew Dettman

Counsellor, poet, cabbie, diction worker. Ministrant.
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