Wingèd power


Standing alien
Even in an industrial park
Technology makes it’s mark –
A herded stallion,
Electric mare, night turning day.

Be a person who
Even in a darkening land
Revolving in both God’s hands –
Arms outstretched, wind of Hu,
Dispenses mercy, healing day.

Her refuse wagon ….

©AJDettman 2013



The words start slowly
The lubrication of my pen
Seeps and oozes from
The honeycombed cells
Of my union with Her

Letters dance in the
Hall of love’s splendour
The music of an orchestra
Of souls wraps magically
Around my heart

Publishers search for
The era’s giant standard
Here and now, I am who am
Again, deny me
Deny me, deny me

Rhythm, cadence, stanza
Building passion, sheer
Ejaculations of meaning
Catching the light of
Daring reflectivity

In the beginning
Was the Word
In the end, Their
Will be, the Word
There willed be, where tilled.

©AJDettman 13/12/13image

There’s no you in American behavior

The yellow slash and the yellow barriers around the ‘I’ on the above indicate the disease of stuck-addiction, the Cinderella separation of the ‘Be’, the dislocation of the ‘now’ of the Diction Chamber shown in the concluding diagram.

Be-hav(e)-i- >>>> our©

The 4, 3, 2, 1 of behaviour change
1 – is our, the collective
2 – the person, ego portal, i
expanding and contracting
3 – is mental/time axis of inner space, hav(e)
4 – (1+3) is the now Singularity, be*

Three parts inside, one outside
Nine tenths hidden
One tenth seen
All matter like an iceberg

Behaviour change is from the inner ‘be’ >>>>
Flowing out >>>>
Constant change >>>>
Kun faya kun, “Be”, and it is.

||Be||hav(e)i <<< our
That is told to change from the ‘outside in’
Is not permanent
A revolving door of command
Lost in have’s maze
A hoopla parody
Whacked with the stick of money
The BE closed down
Overgrown castle of our Sleeping Beauty.

Then Life sends a Majesty
A sublimity
A mighty Word
A drawn again Excalibur
Exposing the labyrinth of the lost
haves and have nots,
Jailers and jailed.
Pieces are returned to
All praise belongs to The One

Be well
Be healed
Be loved
Be sure
Be happy

The missing u …. waw
To Love’s behaviour

*Mandukya Upanishad
The Mandukya Upanishad reveals the mystery of manifest existence through the word AUM, which embodies the three principles represented by the three letters, and is beyond time and space, with the fourth principle indicating the surrounding silence of the unmanifest.

Merry Christmas and a Happily Behaved New Year


Second Christmas


The delicate work of Muse rendition
When that word
Has been usurped by the torture business
Is as difficult now
As it has always been.
Making the invisible, visible.
Being true.
Sentenced by words that are
Love’s sentience.
She says write …. I write
The double You rite that is poetry
Where there is no double You.
“I am who am”, a Master said
Modulated in poetry that somehow spawned
A See
now blinded by the Tantric fury
of burgeoning misunderstanding.

The poet priest returns
Knocking at the locked doors
of a heart forever open.

Letters dance through the light,
Ducts of love that join periodically
tabling the valent cauldron of
The prevalent.

©AJDettman 31/8/13

The Greater Nativity

When Muhammad (pbuh) contrasted the lesser jihad with the Greater Jihad, he was exposing the relationship that exists between the visible and the invisible as mankind realises their place in creation. He said that the lesser jihad was physical war and that the Greater Jihad was fought in the individual heart to seemingly fight against oneself to be a Human.

CG Jung called God “The Symbol of symbols”, and it seems that Muhammad knew that the outer always symbolises a greater inner.

Thus there is the lesser nativity and the Greater Nativity, the former symbolising a more potent latter for the individual.

The lesser nativity is the literal story of seeming impossibility that a Divine presence was miraculously born through biological means without the biological requirements for such a birth having been met, a story which has set the time recorder for the dominant culture of our era, it now being Christmas 2013AD.

The Greater Nativity (and by extension the Greater Easter also) is to internalise all of the characters in the outer nativity story, for oneself.

Mary in the right brain, Joseph in the left, the angel Gabriel the bridge, a catalyst between the two, all carried in the donkey of the body. The antagonist and protagonist elements in the literal nativity can similarly be identified inside an individual as a personal diction appears with Christ being simply Human, where before there was only a seemingly impossible potential for anyone ever becoming Human at all.

This being born again is mentioned here in the Sufi Way by Henry Bayman. (postscript added on 11/05/19)