Unseen Government, the 356 and the weather.


Page 34 The Book of Sufi Healing ISBN 0892813245

The Spiritual manages the material everywhere. The above extract states that the Unseen Government controls rainfall.

Messengers from the Unseen Government are trying and have tried to contact the material forces of government over the last twenty years to help them to assist the people under their governance to realign themselves simply with a more coherent spiritual relationship with the Invisible realm in a personal manner and the language to practically communicate this reorientation. Thus far all attempts to effectively help the UK government have failed.

The technology and sophistication of a culture has historically been an impediment to those cultures who could have been helped by a more timely reception of the messengers sent them by Those who manage the natural forces for Mother Earth.

There is a disease of stuck-addiction© that in its resolution is the portal of access to a personal and collective route toward a rebalancing of mortal energies and a new paradigm that is fit for purpose.