The pair that is returned
in repair
The two hemispheres
of one sphere
The unsticking of the stuck
The refloating of the sunk
The recycling of your junk
The raising of your dead aim
Is all possible

What is lacking?
All are flawed
‘In my weakness
Is my strength’ …

The clear and urgent will
Prior to the inevitable event
Of the dead line …
Is the life line,
Thrown into the storm
Of opposing choices …
Hypocrisy is the only crushing ill …

All are flawed.

Do not pretend …. tend
Do not precare …. care
Do not premind …. mind
Do not premeditate …. meditate

All are flawed.

From the womb
to the tomb
Two beads on the tesbih
That’s all they are
Giving birth and death,
Two names, two angels
Repaired by the other 96 and one

All are flawed.

Love is the thread
For the beads
Of the breaths of your life
It takes work to
Look forward to your death
With as much symbolic excitement
As you might a coital culmination
And escape hypocrisy.

All are flawed.

Your soul awaits
A germination
Either here,
Or there
if you miss it here,
And hope, is it all there is
From here to there,
The letter t?

All are flawed
Until wed once more there.

Some it seems are taken there,
Returned to here
Ere folks lose hope
That One’s repair can ease the way