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This blog begins anew
The publishing of my heart
The lightning of my lightening load
The thunder of my God’s sneeze
Across the shaken dust
Of our mortal immortality


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We can remember the warning from Jacob Boehme: “Boehme has a note before one of his books in which he asks the reader not to go further and read the book unless he is willing to make practical changes as a result of the reading. Otherwise, Boehme says, the book will be bad for him
.” From the Forward of a book A Little Book On The Human Shadow by Robert Bly.

The Word, Its Diction Chamber and Its Prince’s Kiss

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

– King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition


In the previous posts relating to an orientation within and a diagnosing of current events with the global indicator of stuck-addiction©, the metaphor of a personal and collective DICTION chamber has been established.

To extend this message further, it is helpful to establish this chamber not only as a personal or a systemic re-Source centre for reviving a dying personal or a collective Constitution as has been exposed, but also as the portal for The Word Itself as Its own connection with Itself in conscious matter.

A Diction chamber is akin to the resource capacitor for all previous reception and transmission of Holy Edict as announced by Messengers and Saints of all cultures, the place equally of tuning into said transmissions with acceptance and submission by Its intended recipients – a conscience.

A Diction chamber is the place of a present and ongoing ediction to help folks as they might have tuned into the apparent multiplicity of spiritual teachings, predictions and similar resources that are outpouring in the World today, to realise that these transmissions are in fact on the frequency of One Love modulating for the healing of one global spiritual disease, stuck-addiction©.

It is said in the Middle East that God sends sickness to His favourites. When the problem solving pathway described in the above flow chart sticks and breaks, it is invariably at the addiction point in the process – hence stuck-addiction©.

All languages have a dictionary, therefore this simple orientation tool helps people globally to diagnose for themselves whether their own DICTION chamber has become a Castle in their own Sleeping Beauty story, or not.

The chamber also helps people to maybe manage fear levels whilst repairing their own inner space station should conditions about them start to collapse as organisations navigate through particular constitutional and systemic realignments.

The collective is simply a collection of individuals. If enough individuals know what is happening in their own DICTION chamber then the collective structures will have a better chance of surviving and transforming within the inevitable creative flux of Era change.

From the millions of men and women who have been successfully beta testing the reconstructive and reconnective capacity of this simple Diction chamber contact with a Higher Power, in global 12 Step Fellowships for the past eighty years, there is now extended an undeniable life preservation formula that can withstand all forms of moral and material breakdown. This formulaic message is simply a practical tool kit to bring a person to an authentic start point for improving their conscious spiritual education, not the education itself.

In the language of ridding the thorns that encircled the castle in The Sleeping Beauty story, the 12 Step message is the true Prince’s kiss.

No God, but God.


A Bridge of Light

The Humber Bridge

Often the behaviour of others can be disconcerting, especially when it is received as offensive, threatening, or even clearly criminal.

The sickness of stuck-addiction© is ubiquitous and understanding that people around you may be spiritually sick can help disarm your reaction patterns to others and thus help to stop the unwitting spread of the disease through and in you.

We all live simply, on a basic existential level, in two places. We live inside our heads and hearts in a psyche that has a metaphorical skin and we live outside in a body that has biological skin, experiencing our interactions with people, places and things through both skins.

We dress both “skins” with clothes. Our inner skin is dressed with memorial rĂŽles and habits and our outer skin with material garments suitable to moods, jobs and outer conditions.

When people are working with implements that cause friction, say digging with a spade, then the outer skin reacts to that attrition to try to protect itself. Hard skin is formed and that hard skin is called a callous.

When people experience friction and attrition in their psyche, especially when in early development, then that psychic skin reacts exactly the same as biological skin, it tries to protect itself. The psyche throws out hard and aggressive behaviour, such behaviour is often categorised as callous.

The defining factor in both the inner and outer situation that is commonly misunderstood, is that neither the callous skin nor the callous behaviour that is formed is subject to a conscious control mechanism.

A callous, whether physical or behavioural, is dead skin.

When the callous is behavioural, the person becomes trapped in sub-culturalised reactions that alienate them in an arrested development that makes their sensitivity, the very thing that the callous was vainly trying to protect and the thing needed for rehabilitation, virtually impossible to access.

So, beware of simply judging the callous behaviour of others as being wholly in the control of the perpetrator. Bad behaviour is appalling, truly manners do make the man, but stuck-addiction© is now beginning to infect very large numbers of people and cultural systems.

Star Gate


(at the Rumi Festival 2013, Beshara)

One becomes Two,
The Throne of reunion
opens a portal
A star-gate serving mankind
Reproducing Creation
as Three dimensional,
ordinary Love
a Fourness of yin and yang;
Offspring onspringing
joy into Heart, my darling Sa’ida,
life is returning ….

Ordinary Magnificence


In this moment … Will

Of this moment … Union
Delivering this moment … Mother Earth
Child of this moment … New you
What is this moment?.. Magnificent
Where is this moment?.. y axis
Where is matter as time?.. x axis
Where is Man?.. xy engendered coordinates
Where is God?.. In Be Still
the Holy xy Intersection
The centre of the crossroads
Where The God, the moment,
time and Man meet
in being, your Human ordination.


Addendum from the future 25/12/17

It is not so important to intellectually analyse the date of Christmas, the taking over of cultural anniversaries of bygone days by the rulers of the simply gone days.

What may be important is a sense of co-ordination, a sense of learning the facts of life from a place of mastering and marrying simple material necessities that carry a mystical potential of a singular significance for you.

Living contemporary teachers appear at precisely the time that is possible for them to appear, their only difficulty always is the reluctance of people to let go of their other temporary teachers.


Rumi Festival, Chisholme House 2013

Rumi Festival, Chisholme House 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ey-ufO-teQ

When real knowledge arrives it is new (ne-w), there is a hyphen (no-w), there is no double You, there is only you, now new.

Lovers say, ‘only you’, songs are written, the echo always returns truthfully.

I say to you all now, there’s only you, the echo returns to me instantly, New, try it, go on, say it to the Universe …. ‘only You’ …. listen to the instantaneous echo ….

God makes this world anew every instant and says to you, for you, there’s only you …. The ‘if not for you’ from the Qur’an.

The “w” is necessary for the mechanics of material creation, for the dilly dally of the lover and beloved, for the drama of the world show that is never boring, always wonderful.

If you feel that there is nothing new under the sun for you, then you are stuck.

This whole world is created just for you, only you.

Only …. just …. got here
…………………….. saw it
…………………….. managed it
…………………….. bought it
…………………….. realised for myself
Only You ….

When I truly say, “there’s only You”, to Love,
There’s only the ‘only me’ that disappears …
In the Echo

(The Chisholme Institute does not endorse or necessarily agree with anything written here or elsewhere on this blog but the video is shared with their permission)

By Appointment

It may be that there are some unrealistic expectations surrounding the possibility of your realising for yourself your permanent contact with The God. This may be because of the cyclic prevalence of self-appointed people in positions of presumed importance for the governance of mankind.

When a Human being, aware that a rĂŽle is initiated by God to fulfill, is truly in receipt of that appointment, then when brought into contact with the self-appointed, the self-appointed inevitably become disappointed until the true nature of that contact, as a kept appointment, becomes clear.


Hence, a certain hesitation always attends the initiate appointed by God, for their appearance is disappointing, provoking unease amongst  those whose self-appointed function has become difficult even for them to uphold.


The illusory outer conditions necessary for the appearance of the person charged with carrying a message by Divine appointment therefore, are generally prepared coincidentally so as to give all concerned the greatest possible chance of survival amidst the painful, albeit temporary, realignment of an inner order that preempts the realignment then of outer disorders.


Life Itself is an appointment
, all life is a wonder to those who have received God’s disappointing message and who as a result are joyfully realised, reappointed by the constant appointment of their Life.

The lives of all Holy messengers point to One Source, a journey pointing to One Destination.

Wonder and amazement are the antidotes for any disappointment.

Good, better, best.

“Why do you call me good. Only God is good”

The words above are attributed to Isa, to The Christ Jesus in The New Testament. If they are taken to heart, it does not mean necessarily that one should stop trying to be good, or to stop trying to do good works or to seeking betterment. It may mean that one should stop being too attached to expectations of oneself and others that rely too much upon a personal analysis and comparison that unwittingly freezes the existential virtue and vice pendulum swing of mankind.

To become stuck in a limited definition of virtue is a more difficult sickness to treat than is the sickness of becoming stuck in vice. This is why The Christ Jesus spent so much time with the prostitutes, the drunks, tax-collectors and other outcasts of that era. The sickness of being stuck in apparent vice carries a potentially lesser denial of a Common Source for mankind and is thus more easily treatable, than is the case for those stuck unwittingly in their own qualification of virtue.

In living the above quote, it means that this day is the better day of any life, this moment sought out as the best moment of any day.

This is so, because as a relationship with the word “good” becomes and enters into a remission, so does the relationship with the comparative and superlative forms of that word also become transformed, thus a being is released from any punitive applications of better and best.

In letting only God be good and remaining God conscious, then being better and seeking the best occurs naturally. Cleave to One loving Creator and that which is no longer useful is naturally cut and split away, cleaved.



Transmission – the Bride and Bridegroom.


Conduct is, via a duct,
Energy that is transmitted;
Love is conducive to light
An aqueous conduction of true duco
To lead on the march
To marry a wife
To command

The Commander of the Faithful
is married to matter
as a Husband is to a Wife
Returning Hu’s band,
allowed, so perm and vary….
Events surface in service
as She instigates Their illumination

Density pretends to be grave
Gravity pretends to be important
Accusing lightness of shallowness,
Until a condensing of Dew
Restores due proportion
To any quasi seriousness
To any gravitas of self-importance

(Inspired by and dedicated to, my wife Sa’ida)