Watch “Amy Winehouse – Rehab” on YouTube

Any words could be put into her tragi-comic record …. she could be a banker ….

” …. tried to get me a pay cut, I said no, no, no”

…. she could be an obese person ….

” …. tried to get me on a diet, I said no, no, no”

…. she could be a politician ….

“…. tried to get me more truthful, I said no, no, no”

Denial is the song of our time, it is so prevalent over the thousands of years of history, it must serve a huge Darwinian purpose.

What purpose could that be in evolutionary language?

Do the biggest liars have an existential advantage?

Nigh on impossible to understand, the closer truth gets, nigh on there, the deeper the rejection, the night of separation seems nigh on endless, truth …. nigh on impossible.