Current (Lost in Love)


A battery of forces at Life’s disposal
The current situation arrives
Flowing between + and –

Withheld attraction in the casing
The flux of ardent chemistry
The balance of yin yang

The pendulum swings eternally
From One point of entry
A weight, wait, returning

The flex of this ancient system
The singular transmission
Love, light, dark, Light.

Come unstuck, become unstuck
Let yourself Be found out
before you’re lost in?

The world at my feet


There is premeditation everywhere, it is the planning function of thought that rehearses a hearse’s journey until the possibility of acting without failure appears, until the thought predominates, then dominates that “there is the possibility of getting away with it”, without dying on the stage that is the material world.

Premeditation is to meditation
What prediction is to diction
What presence is to Essence.

There is practice – of course, the inference that leads to a conference, a reference that melts the hard deference, the circumference of a concentration, a single joint centration, practical like any joint, flexible as a knee – that makes perfect.

How to move from premeditation to meditation? By means of a mediation, through engaging in mediation until your own “t” appears.

Getting stuck in premeditation blocks the joy of being.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”.