bare soul


Pump pump pump pump
Pump pump pump pump
Um um um um
Um um um um
Om mane padme om
Om mane padme om

∙ tenderheartmusings ∙

what can any of them possibly give me
when they all originated from you
tiny specks of your magnificence

what can I ask from those
who wander looking for answers themselves
amazed and puzzled by the mystery of it all

they might not hear me, and I might suffer
they might deny me what I ask, and I might grieve

what can I possibly say from my tiny mouth
to get your attention?
what can I possibly do with this withering body
to have your love by my side?

in your ethereal beauty and grace, lies the wisdom of the saints
in your silence, lies thousands of answers
when your one glance can change my world around
why would I desire anything from anyone else?

tonight, I offer my tender soul to you
let it lament endlessly and parch away
or make it resonate with your eternal frequency
in the…

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Initial indications


This extract from the book ‘Management of the Addicted Patient in Primary Care’ Pomm & Pomm, published by Springer in 2007, shows that concerns by the Met about healthcare published in a BBC story today are just the tip of an iceberg for the criminal justice system.

“Custody healthcare a ‘major problem’
28 January 2014 09:46” (BBC News)

As an addiction counsellor who has served in a prison rehab it became clear to me that in the region of 70% of inmates in prison in the UK and the US were there through crimes relating to drugs and alcohol.

UK society reflects the US and

“What funds terrorism, spawns crime, drives up health care costs, breaks up families, spreads AIDS, promotes unwanted teen pregnancy, and frustrates so many efforts to eliminate poverty?
What attribute do most victims of cancer, heart disease, emphysema, crippling bronchitis, accidents and violence share?
What’s the culprit in most assaults and homicides, incest, domestic violence, college date rape and campus racial incidents?
Substance abuse and addiction.
On any given day, 100 million Americans are taking some stimulant, antidepressant, tranquilliser or painkiller; smoking; inhaling from aerosol cans or glue bottles; or self medicating with alcohol or illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroine, methamphetamines, hallucinogens, Ecstasy and other designer drugs.” pp 1 (High Society by Joseph A. Califano, Jr. 2007)

Many people end up in police custody where crimes were committed when the perpetrators have had no effective access to will power owing to their illness of addiction as is shown by Pomm & Pomm.

The law is prosecuted most effectively upon a premise that people are tried as if they have had access to will power and choice within their potential criminality.

Many people in prison may have been willfully misdiagnosed and therefore mistreated.

Many people who could be prosecuted and escape from justice because of a “too big to prosecute” Establishment fear, exhibit just how deep are the levels of stuck-addiction© that are infecting our culture.



The mastery of any field is arrived at by the exercising of power through experimentation. The Master of the Unified Field arrives similarly and practically despite theories that predict the existence or otherwise of the Unified Field.

Creation is perfect now.

To approach any existential appearance that seems problematic without the courtesy of extending perfection to the Singularity first, renders any such approach tainted.

Per facio, through doing or making, is the Latin rootage of perfect. “Every day God is about a business”, is resourced from Islam and describes a Universal doing that is creation. “If it’s not practical it’s not spiritual”, is resourced from the discourse of the 12 Step recovery texts of the Narcotics Anonymous programme.

So there is a deep redemptive practicality about prayer and meditation. Spiritual principles of creativity make the Universe appear from the 90% Unseen that mystics call The Beloved and physicists describe as Dark Matter.

Practical solutions to any visible problem are waiting to gush forth from the Invisible when the place has been fully prepared for their reception.

That preparation is essentially one of clarifying the actual problem.

The problem facing cultural leaders presently is one of diction, their words are broken. The repair of words is a job for The Word, The Logos.

When you’re ready then …. diction resolution.