Current (Lost in Love)


A battery of forces at Life’s disposal
The current situation arrives
Flowing between + and –

Withheld attraction in the casing
The flux of ardent chemistry
The balance of yin yang

The pendulum swings eternally
From One point of entry
A weight, wait, returning

The flex of this ancient system
The singular transmission
Love, light, dark, Light.

Come unstuck, become unstuck
Let yourself Be found out
before you’re lost in?

The world at my feet


There is premeditation everywhere, it is the planning function of thought that rehearses a hearse’s journey until the possibility of acting without failure appears, until the thought predominates, then dominates that “there is the possibility of getting away with it”, without dying on the stage that is the material world.

Premeditation is to meditation
What prediction is to diction
What presence is to Essence.

There is practice – of course, the inference that leads to a conference, a reference that melts the hard deference, the circumference of a concentration, a single joint centration, practical like any joint, flexible as a knee – that makes perfect.

How to move from premeditation to meditation? By means of a mediation, through engaging in mediation until your own “t” appears.

Getting stuck in premeditation blocks the joy of being.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”.

The Sufi Map of the Self

I just finished The Sufi Map of the Self by Haeri, Shaykh Fadhlalla on Kindle for Android!

This book is just magnificent …. I managed to complete the assignments, they have helped me to remember that whether adept our beginner, the Way is given and has to be received as a gift. The Way is Love, it is practical, travel it.


The pair that is returned
in repair
The two hemispheres
of one sphere
The unsticking of the stuck
The refloating of the sunk
The recycling of your junk
The raising of your dead aim
Is all possible

What is lacking?
All are flawed
‘In my weakness
Is my strength’ …

The clear and urgent will
Prior to the inevitable event
Of the dead line …
Is the life line,
Thrown into the storm
Of opposing choices …
Hypocrisy is the only crushing ill …

All are flawed.

Do not pretend …. tend
Do not precare …. care
Do not premind …. mind
Do not premeditate …. meditate

All are flawed.

From the womb
to the tomb
Two beads on the tesbih
That’s all they are
Giving birth and death,
Two names, two angels
Repaired by the other 96 and one

All are flawed.

Love is the thread
For the beads
Of the breaths of your life
It takes work to
Look forward to your death
With as much symbolic excitement
As you might a coital culmination
And escape hypocrisy.

All are flawed.

Your soul awaits
A germination
Either here,
Or there
if you miss it here,
And hope, is it all there is
From here to there,
The letter t?

All are flawed
Until wed once more there.

Some it seems are taken there,
Returned to here
Ere folks lose hope
That One’s repair can ease the way


Unseen Government, the 356 and the weather.


Page 34 The Book of Sufi Healing ISBN 0892813245

The Spiritual manages the material everywhere. The above extract states that the Unseen Government controls rainfall.

Messengers from the Unseen Government are trying and have tried to contact the material forces of government over the last twenty years to help them to assist the people under their governance to realign themselves simply with a more coherent spiritual relationship with the Invisible realm in a personal manner and the language to practically communicate this reorientation. Thus far all attempts to effectively help the UK government have failed.

The technology and sophistication of a culture has historically been an impediment to those cultures who could have been helped by a more timely reception of the messengers sent them by Those who manage the natural forces for Mother Earth.

There is a disease of stuck-addiction© that in its resolution is the portal of access to a personal and collective route toward a rebalancing of mortal energies and a new paradigm that is fit for purpose.

A worder’s invitation ….

In the beginning is the Word …. In the end is the Word …. now is the Word ….

A worder knows how to work with letters,
Letters let matter happen;
matters expect words to happen.
A worder husbands words for Love,
They are his sheep.
The worder knows the double you order,
The transparency,
Knows the ebb and flow of light ….
When there is no worder working,
Words can empty, break and fail.

I am a worder …. I am in Hull ….
Come to Hull ….
A conversation in my taxi,
Simply pay as you go,
An hour or a day, whatever you say
Move your mountain,
Come to Hull
One, two or three at a time ….
While there is still time ….
Come ….

Or, for more formal treatment
A counsellor can be found
Online, or on Hull’s own ground,
DRT – Diction Resolution Therapy

What is the post-code of Hull?
HU ….
What is my post-code?
HU11 ….


(poem 161 by Rumi translated by AJ Arberry ISBN 0-226-73151-0)