Bemusing Inspiration

Beauty pierces
A word goes even deeper than the opening glance
nothing is ever the same
Love meets in the unseen first:

Musing, amusing,
The in and ex halation
Of a landing in my life,
The firing of my poet’s glass
Silvered as a mirror for her life.

©AJDettman 2013

One Love

Fancy dress day at The Levellers Beautiful Days Festival 2013


A personal view based on my personal experiences.

One Love knowing Itself in two places of experience is Mankind’s lot. Orientation is simply a navigation.

Because for the Sufi, Love is all there actually is in the whole of existence, it seems to me that Mankind in its dual gender manifestation can easily experience overwhelming feelings of disorientation.

Adultery was punished by death in past culture as was other interpersonal disorientation as people lost their ability to withstand inner urge from becoming outer actions.

Christ stopped such killing by asking who it was exactly that was without error themselves, as only they could execute the then law. He said, “let he who has no sin cast the first stone.”

He then said to the folks that had had their death sentence arrested that they should go and try not to miss the point of their life again, or not to sin again as it is sometimes translated.

He did not take the easier softer way and change the then law to try to make disorientation into orientation, he simply suggested that One Love understands the difficulty of the mortal template, a template that needs insulation around the vehicular inner cabling to prevent meltdown, and that any mortal disorientation always has a spiritual insulation remedy whatever the mental and physical interface may appear to insist.

So today, violent physical reaction to perceptions of the behaviour of others, when because of One Love there is no actual other, is never to be recommended and thanks eventually to the message of Christ, modern law correctly forbids all forms of antisocial physical violence in Great Britain, plus that which was illegal is no longer illegal as regards personal relationships and lifestyle choices.

That does mean that perplexing disorientation can ever pretend to be anything other than itself in mortal duality. However, The Christ Jesus did say that hypocrisy is the worst case scenario of all.

Disorientation can lose faith in One Love’s physical design, and forget that Christ did not advocate changing the basis of the template’s physical law, rather He changed the way it was to be prosecuted, from death into onward wrestling with an ever open portal for Love’s arbitration as both a humanising source code and a destination that can forgive anything and personally orientate anyone from being any kind of man or woman, into becoming singularly The Human, being.

My experience is that every expression of love is intrinsically perfect. The logic of the intellect is sometimes unable to understand love it seems, but One Source, where that Source is no other than love, understands the dualistic intellect as it performs its role.

So, my experience is not an advocacy for conversion therapy or reparative treatment in matters of specific sexual orientation or general sexual behaviour.

Somehow or other, (link from a future post) the literal Holy Writ of the Abrahamic traditions has to be shown to be of the same Source as the ancient texts of the East. The same as the rendition of the people searching for Krishna because there was a battle to fight and they eventually found Him, dressed as a woman playing with the cow-girls.

My experience therefore is simply stating that for me, change was possible within my understanding of myself within destined matters of orientation identity and expression and that therefore the results of knowledge gained from my personal experience has a perfect right of expression here that is still accepting of my professional compliance with the Ethical Framework of the BACP, yet fully able to shed my light on how the metaphysical meets the physical with libidinous energy.

“In my weakness, is my strength” is the abiding message from Christ, known as a Mighty Counsellor and Prince of Peace.



This post is dedicated to the mothers and to our darling children and grandchildren. Though the failures and mistakes almost overwhelmed and have cost us all so very much, mothers both here and gone on, with all my heart I thank you.

These beautiful children might never have seen the loving light of day had you not done your best to love me then within our mutual efforts to resolve the confusions of fright, which may only now seem clear.

My heartfelt apologies to my birth family and my birthing families and to my many intimates, many of whom were often unwittingly involved in my huge inner battles as over and over again hearts were broken.

My thanks to my present wife Sa’ida, I love you.

O God, I bear witness to Mankind that You keep Your word. Astagfirullah. (dedication added 10/05/19)

Inconvenient medical insight.


This definition of addiction is correct and renders much of current practice in the UK medical and justice systems as erroneous and places large numbers of patients in the category of being willfully misdiagnosed.

This burns out medical workers and renders patients into a bewildered flock at the mercy of giant drug companies and the latest Internet fad.


Spiritual Manners

Rumi is the most popular poet in the USA, yet the story behind the man is one of grief and probable murder as a precursor to the love poetry that is dedicated to Shamsi Tabrisi and to God.

The prophets of the Abrahamic tradition led lives that challenged the rulers of their day, challenges that often led to the messengers’ deaths.

After some thirteen years of being attacked for carrying a monotheistic message to his degenerating culture, Muhammad and his folk eventually defended that message with their lives at stake, though after the physical battles, Muhammad did say that future battles should be fought internally by Muslims.

Quakers were given the name as they shook with righteous indignation at the injustices of their day.

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi was murdered at the end of his life by his detractors.

The Bhagavad Gita is a story of war, though it has an inner interpretation as well, it has to be lived.

The Buddha was attacked by demonic forces as he struggled with whether to carry his message to others, or not.

Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Lennon …. add your own favourite names ….

The point of these references?

The point is that any contemporary spiritual journey, to be following in the footsteps of predecessors, is liable to be dangerous, and if it isn’t, is it actually real?



(above pic thanks to ISBN 9780192805485)

In the minutes of the meeting
Last held with God
There is an entry under
Any Other Business.

One of those present
Brought up the subject of
Mortal bewilderment.

It was asked of God
That if it were possible,
Could there be a standardisation
Across cultures
As to the post-death procedures
That are to be applied
On behalf of the departed
By those left behind?

God said that the rites
Pertaining to those
Who had died had two functions:
Sanitation and sanity.

As to the departed soul,
God said that He alone
Would take care of that.

Seeds of Faith


One Faith
So many seeds, colours and creeds
Shiny egos, arguing about
Their beautiful shells
Bells of alarm
Bells of tranquillity

Affinities with trees
Of knowledge
Can reach deep within
Even though forbidden fruit
The genii and the bottle
Gone, long,
For a more reasonable solution.

Love alone turns seed to tree.

The One and the many


Faith and belief are not the same,
Faith is One
Beliefs are many,
Faith is Love
Beliefs are
…. powered by “be” lief
Where “lief”

One “be”, many beloveds.

Aware, you can beware of
Storm and pitfalls.
Conscious of oneself ….
of one another,
Aware of oneself
As another “no other”, when
There is no other
Without your mother,
…. brother.

Father, sister,
The standing order ….
The Sist,
Consisting of the order “Be”,
Resulting in the …. “all there is -ing”

I am
who am.

Watch “Amy Winehouse – Rehab” on YouTube

Any words could be put into her tragi-comic record …. she could be a banker ….

” …. tried to get me a pay cut, I said no, no, no”

…. she could be an obese person ….

” …. tried to get me on a diet, I said no, no, no”

…. she could be a politician ….

“…. tried to get me more truthful, I said no, no, no”

Denial is the song of our time, it is so prevalent over the thousands of years of history, it must serve a huge Darwinian purpose.

What purpose could that be in evolutionary language?

Do the biggest liars have an existential advantage?

Nigh on impossible to understand, the closer truth gets, nigh on there, the deeper the rejection, the night of separation seems nigh on endless, truth …. nigh on impossible.